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Plaster & Stucco Inspection Services

In addition to being a quality Fort Worth plaster and stucco repair contractor, Parks Plaster & Stucco also provides thorough stucco and plaster inspection designed to assess and identify any problems you may be encountering.
Stucco & Plaster Inspection

We will look at every inch of your home or structure’s siding, checking for signs of bulging and cracking, as well as check for any water damage and stains.

We also check for any soft spots in the stucco, these often start at the base of exterior walls. We pay extra attention to these areas to provide the most thorough inspection possible. If any of these problems are found, the repair should be completed quickly to extend the life of your stucco, and to avoid more costly problems.

We will not only repair your plaster or stucco but during the repair, we will also try to help identify the cause of the problem and or other unassociated problems that exist within your home or structure (gutter issues, draining problems that are keeping the base of your home wet..etc.).

  • Holes and Breaks

  • Dings and Dents

  • Cracking and Chipping

  • Staining and Discoloration

  • Mold or Effloresence

  • Blistering & Peeling

Looking For Inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas?

If at any point during the inspection we discover any structural damage, these repairs will need to be completed before we can complete any stucco work for you. Parks Plaster and Stucco has been in the business for long enough to point you in the direction of a contractor if you need help repairing the structural damage.

When we begin work on your home or structure, safety, attention to detail and quality are paramount. Rest assured that the area of repair will blend seamlessly with your existing siding, and will be constructed with quality that lasts.

Parks Plaster and Stucco strives to make the storm damage repair process smooth and easy for you. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience available today, let us help you get your home looking great again.

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