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My name is Joey Parks and I have been in the stucco and plaster business since the early seventies. I am a journeyman plasterer and lather by trade. There are very few of us left. I learned the trade working with men that were union taught and went to school to learn the trade. There are few people in Texas that know more about the trade than I do. I train all my men myself and I can do interior plaster and any of the exterior finishes. My forte is the large homes, because of my quality and knowledge of the trade.

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I use all of the synthetic stucco products on the market, but prefer the Synergy products by BASF, which is a multibillion-dollar company. I can give multi-year guarantees on most of the homes and small commercial jobs I do. I have guarantees from two years to 15 by using the Synergy Stucco Systems. I have also developed a system that very much restricts cracking on my jobs. The system is a little more expensive but it saves a lot of heartache.

The majority of work I do consists of larger homes located on the West side of Fort Worth, as well as some work in Dallas and throughout the DFW area. Although most of our projects are larger homes, feel free to call us about stucco, plaster, or repair jobs of any size . At Parks Plaster Stucco our quality contractors will provide you with residential or commercial stucco and plaster repairs.

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