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Caulking Services

Caulking is an essential part of your homes defense against the elements but unfortunately it won’t last as long as your structure will. Old or deteriorating caulk will not only lead to leaks, but also an increase in your energy bill! The experts at Park’s Plaster & Stucco can inspect and repair any damaged caulking on your structure to ensure the best seal and optimal efficiency!
Expert Caulking Services

When moisture penetrates your home or structure’s seals it can cause rotting or hazardous mold.

Caulking around exterior doors, windows, and fixtures creates a protective barrier to keep moisture out which extends the life of your structure. Over time, temperature fluctuations and exposure to the elements such as sunlight can deteriorate these seals and create leaks. At Park’s Plaster & Stucco we will thoroughly inspect and repair your seals so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

  • Doors

  • Bathtubs

  • Toilets

  • Windows

  • Showers

  • Countertops

Caulking Services In The Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

In Texas we have to live with bugs, but that shouldn’t mean literally!

Small bugs and insects are capable of entering your home through the tiniest of holes or cracks. The professionals at Park’s Plaster & Stucco understand the need for thorough and proper application, and have the experience necessary to ensure no hole is left uncovered. Our quality seals will not only keep the bugs out, it will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems!

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