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Plastering Services

We specialize in custom interior veneer plaster and Venetian type plaster. Having been a journeyman plasterer in the 1970s, Joey Parks learned artisanal techniques pertaining to plaster molds and repairs that very few contractors are capable of replicating.
Expert Plaster Craftsman

We are masters of ornamental interior plaster molds, the same classical techniques used to create many of the churches and cathedrals in Europe.

Our plasterers have been trained using the skills that I still possess, and are capable of providing this top of the line quality of work to our client(s). All interior plaster can be completed on the entire home including all walls and ceilings or just feature walls, feature entries, or fireplaces.

  • Plaster Repair​

  • Veneer Plaster​

  • Faux Plaster​

  • Venetion Type Plaster​

  • Plaster Repair​

  • Veneer Plaster​

  • Faux Plaster​

  • Venetion Type Plaster​

Plaster Services In The Dallas/ Fort Wort Area?

The artisans at Parks Plaster & Stucco will make your dreams a reality.

The application of plaster and stucco is much more an art form than any of the other processes that go into making a home, meaning experience and technique are critical for producing quality work. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge of classical techniques, Parks Plaster & Stucco has been able to create a team of highly skilled craftsman ready to handle any challenge.

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Plastering services

Stucco services

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