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What is Stucco?

What is Stucco? 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a mortar mixture used for siding. Stucco can be made by mixing sand and lime with water and various other ingredients, most often cement. Usually, wooden walls are covered with tar paper and chicken wire or galvanized metal screening. This framework is then covered with the stucco mixture . Sometimes, the mixture is applied directly to specially prepared masonry surfaces. (See Stucco Recipes) – See more!

  Synthetic Stucco

Many homes built after the 1950s use a variety of synthetic materials that resemble stucco. Mock stucco siding is often composed of foam insulation board or cement panels secured to the walls. Although synthetic stucco may look authentic, real stucco tends to be heavier. Walls made of genuine stucco sound solid when tapped and will be less likely to suffer damage from a hard blow.

Stucco Contractors Fort Worth

Stucco Contractors Fort Worth 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

Stucco Contractors Fort Worth loves Parks Plaster and Stucco.  Skilled craftsmen will make sure your stucco surfaces are solid.  They will be properly prepared.  Skill and attention to detail are important for plaster and stucco work.  This is true for residential and commercial buildings.  Choose stucco siding for new or remodeled homes.  Stucco looks great on businesses.  Stucco is durable, weather resistant, and elegant.  Parks Stucco & Plaster is an excellent stucco contractor Fort Worth.  Parks Stucco and Plaster works for developers. And for custom homes.  Your stucco building will be well-protected.  It will be beautiful.

The best way to choose Stucco Contractors Fort Worth

The best way to choose stucco contractors Fort Worth, is to hire an experienced contractor.  The contractor should have special skills with stucco.  Good technique takes years to develop.  It requires a steady hand.  It also requires an eye for detail and craftsmanship.  Parks Stucco & Plaster craftsmen are experienced and dedicated.  They have done an excellent job.  Traditional Southwest styles are a specialty.  Details are carefully done.  Fireplaces, exteriors and interiors are beautiful.  Siding too.  Stucco will last for years.  Choosing quality Stucco Contractors Fort Worth will save you costly repairs.  You can contact Parks Stucco & Plaster for a free estimates.  They can provide advice on style and color.  Quality Developers love Parks Stucco & PlasterArchitects love quality and detail.  Homeowners appreciate quality work.  They want dependable results.


 Stucco Contractors Fort Worth

Stucco Contractors in Fort Worth, Texas

Stucco is an ancient art.  It has been used by ancient Greeks.  It was used in Ancient Rome to create beautiful buildings.  Stucco was used in the Middle Ages.

It decorates church interiors and protects exteriors.  Many old buildings in Europe are covered in stucco.  Stucco has helped fine buildings last for ages.  Traditional craftsmanship is valued by Parks Plaster and Stucco.