Stucco Repair Dallas

Synthetic Stucco Dallas provides excellent value for insulation

Synthetic Stucco Dallas provides excellent value for insulation 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

completed-stucco-repairSynthetic Stucco Dallas makes walls look like Old Style Stucco.  But Synthetic Stucco Dallas is much better at protecting your home or business.  Synthetic Stucco insulates.  It protects from heat and cold.  It lowers fuel bills for heating and air conditioning.  And best of all it is not that expensive.  You can update the look of your home while saving money.  Synthetic stucco must be applied by an experienced stucco contractor in Dallas.  Inexperienced workers can cause a lot of damage.  If water gets trapped in the walls it will stay there a long time.  A good contractor knows this.  He will take steps to protect your walls from moisture.  A good contractor will not rush you into trouble.

Synthetic Stucco Dallas: High Quality Work Protects.


High Quality work means your home will be protected for many years.  You can save thousands of dollars off your bills.  Synthetic stucco Dallas can also lower your carbon footprint.  Because you will use less energy.  Check with your tax professional to see if costs are deductible.  Synthetic Stucco is sometimes calls EIFS.  This stands for Exterior insulation finishing system.

Exterior insulation finishing system and Synthetic Stucco Dallas.

These are one and the same.  If you are looking for a good contractor you should try searching “EIFS Dallas” or “synthetic stucco Dallas.”  That is, if you live in Dallas.  or in the Dallas area.  If you live in Fort Worth try “synthetic stucco Fort Worth”  or “EIFS Fort Worth.”  Then check to see if they are on Angie’s list.  Or if they can provide references.  Angie’s list will give you basic information even if you don’t join.  If you want to learn more about Synthetic Stucco here are a number of references.

The Journal of Inorganic Materials.

Yestermorrow.  This is a company that teaches restorative techniques and offers experiences in Italy.

Faux Plaster Dallas

Faux Plaster Dallas 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

Faux Plaster Dallas style.

Faux Plaster DallasFaux Plaster Dallas are special techniques used by interior stucco and plaster designers at Parks Plaster & Stucco in Dallas.  Faux finishes can be applied in many different ways.  Faux Plaster Dallas can give your walls the look of fine Venetian plaster.  Faux Plaster can be a great choice.  It looks amazing.  Polished, rich and warm.  But Faux Plaster is not as disruptive to your routine.  It does not take as long to do as traditional plaster.  Skill matters.  You will want your walls to have a consistent finish.  This means from top to bottom.  And from one end to the other.  Many people enjoy doing faux finishes themselves.  We recommend Do it yourself faux finishes for small projects.  Like furniture.  Doing a large area while reading “how to” instructions is difficult.  It can take years of practice to get it right.  Take my advice on this one.  Have fun refinishing a chair or table.  Call a professional for walls.  It is not worth the frustration.

 Faux Finishes for your Home and Business.

Faux Plaster Dallas has gotten a lot of good press.  Textured paint is out.  Glossy walls are out.  Eggshell gloss is OK.  But there is nothing like the traditional look of Faux Plaster Dallas.  Except for real Venetian Plaster.  Real Venetian plaster is made with marble dust.  It is applied carefully with special tools and then polished with a metal polisher.  Faux plaster is very similar.  Faux plaster may contain marble dust too. Or it may contain synthetics that give a special sheen.  The sheen of Faux Plaster will give warmth to your interior.  Light sparkles gently.  It creates subtle patterns.  Patterns that seem to move with the sun.  Faux plaster is easy on the eyes.  You will enjoy your home for many years.  Commercial interiors also do well with Faux Plaster Dallas.  Banks, fine boutiques, salons and fine restaurants use faux plaster.  Faux plaster creates elegance.  Simply put.

Interior Stucco Dallas: Smooth, Textured or Rough?

Interior Stucco Dallas: Smooth, Textured or Rough? 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

Interior Stucco Dallas for traditional homes.  Southwestern homes often have a traditional adobe exterior.  Or a stucco exterior.  Or even EIFS.  It is important to consider the interior.  The interior should compliment the exterior.  And the opposite is true too.  The exterior should compliment the interior.  If you have a traditional home redo your interior.  Interior Stucco adds warmth.  And interest.  Interior Stucco Dallas saves money.  Stucco does not age like paint.  Stucco can have different textures.  Tell your contractor what you want.  It is a good idea to get some magazines.  Like House Beautiful, or Inside Today.  Or other interior design magazines.  Look at the pictures.  Sometimes the advertisements will have good pictures too.

Interior Stucco Dallas: smooth, textured or rough?

plaster-interior-and-fireplace-1Stucco can smooth.  It can be rough.  Interior Stucco Dallas can be richly textured.  Some restaurants have stucco interiors.  Use your iphone to take pictures of different surfaces.  Then take them home.  Think about how they will look.  Think about how they will look in your kitchen.  And living room.  And bedrooms.  It is good to Interior Stucco the entire house.  Interior Stucco Dallas over the whole house brings unity.  It pulls the look together.  But you can have different textures.  The kitchen can be done with smooth stucco.  Smooth stucco is better for the kitchen.  Kitchens take a lot of wear and tear.  If the walls are smooth they can be cleaned.  Easily.  Rough walls hide imperfections.  If you have had drywall repaired you know.  About imperfections.  Stucco Repair Dallas is easy.  And it is not fragile at all.  What else can we say?  Southwestern homes look best with interior Stucco.  Interior Stucco Dallas looks rich, strong and steady.  You are building a life with your home.  It should be strong.  It should be soothing.  It should make you feel protected.  It should make you feel that your life is going to last.  And that you will have something of value.  To give to your children.

Dallas Stucco Professional Craftsmen

Dallas Stucco Professional Craftsmen 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

Dallas Stucco | Parks Plaster & Stucco in Dallas TX

dallas-stuccoDallas Stucco Professional Craftsmanship is important.  Stucco can be applied using different of methods.  however, hand-trowel is best.  It looks natural and beautiful.  Dallas stucco can be made smooth.  Or made rough.  Or textured in different ways. Stucco Craftsmanship is very important.  It must be applied skillfully.  It must be water tight so that water will not leak into the walls.  Water in the walls can cause mold to develop.  It can also cause wood to rot. This is bad for your home.  It is also bad for the stucco because the stucco can fall off if water gets under it.  Dallas Stucco is one job you should not leave to amateurs.  Or try to do yourself.  It is just too costly if things go wrong.

How to find a good Dallas Stucco Contractor.

A good stucco contractor can save you a lot of money.  A good contractor can save you a lot of time too.  A good stucco contractor does excellent work.  Fine workmanship and a stucco exterior will increase the value of your home.  Stucco is wonderful for Mission architecture.  It is also good for Spanish style homes and buildings.  And it is good for Tuscan style structures too.  Many modern and contemporary homes use stucco as well.  Talk to your stucco contractor about the look you want.  Many stucco contractors have experience working with architects.  And engineers.  They will understand.  Get books with photographs.  Or get some magazines and see what you like.  What is most appealing?  What colors do you like?  Stucco can be made with a warm tone.  Or a cool tone.  And in different shades.  Light colors are nice for hot climates. Earthy colors blend into the landscape.  And highlight natural beauty.  Stucco is better than other types of siding for Dallas and Fort Worth.

Stucco contractors Dallas. Where to find quality craftsmanship.

Stucco contractors Dallas. Where to find quality craftsmanship. 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

inspection-servicesStucco contractors Dallas.  If you are looking for high quality workmanship use Parks Plaster and Stucco.  They have more than 40 years of experience.  They are very skilled.  They provide excellent training and supervision to their employees.  Because they are passing down a tradition.  A tradition that has endured for thousands of years.  It is hard to find workers with such a high skill level.  Parks Plaster and Stucco will amaze you.

Stucco Contractors Dallas.  What is Stucco?

Stucco has been used to protect buildings.  It has been used in the distant past.  You can find stucco on ancient buildings.  You can also find stucco on modern buildings.  It is very popular for Traditional Southwestern homes.  It is  a great choice for commercial businesses.  It is very durable.  More durable than paint, wood or painted cement.  Stucco is made from an aggregate, a binder and water.  When stucco dries it is very strong.  It is stronger than you would think.  Stucco can be made with color.  The color is bound in the stucco.  It will not peel.  It will not flake.  It can be a lot more economical than other types of siding.  Quality in Stucco Contractors Dallas is very important.  The stucco must be made properly.  It must be applied correctly too.  If stucco is made carelessly it will not stick very well.  It is best to hire an experienced team for your stucco work.  A strong stucco contractor with knowledge and expertise can protect you.  Parks Plaster and Stucco will protect your investment.

If you are getting a stucco exterior consider a stucco interior as well.  Stucco is great for fireplaces and mantles.

There is much to be said for skilled craftsmen.  Choose high quality stucco contractors Dallas.  You will be supporting a tradition.  A tradition that has been passed from master to apprentice for generations.

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