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How to find a good stucco contractor Dallas

How to find a good stucco contractor Dallas 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

How to find a good Stucco Contractor Dallas – Parks Plaster & Stucco

Stucco Contractor Dallas.  Do you live in Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Garland or Richardson?  If so, now is a great time to hire a stucco contractor.  Stucco work is durable, long-lasting and beautiful.  It also requires skill, experience and patience.  Here is how to find a good stucco contractor Dallas and DFW area.

1. Is the stucco contractor Dallas responsive.  Do they answer the phone promptly? That is a good sign.  Are they polite on the phone?  Do they call back if you ask them to?

2. Does the stucco contractor Dallas area have a professional website?  A professional website shows professionalism.  You can see a good example of a pro stucco contractor website Dallas at Parks Plaster & Stucco.

3. Does the website have a photo gallery?  To see an example of a quality photo gallery click here.

stucco contractor dallas

4. Does the stucco contractor Dallas area have a physical address.  Like 4103 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107?  Not a PO Box?  Is the address listed on the website?

5. Does the stucco contractor have a long list of references?  Call several.  Call some from the beginning of the list.  Call some from the middle.  And some from the bottom.  You don’t want to end up calling the contractors friends.  Or family.

6. Try Angie’s List.  For example: Parks Plaster and Stucco is on Angie’s List
7.  Is the stucco contractor fully qualified to repair and build?  A professional stucco contractor will be able to spot problems.  Before they become serious.  If problems are detected early they can be fixed easily.  A small problem costs less than a big problem.

8.  How long have they been in business?  A contractor who has been in business for a long time is best.  Long-term businesses require consistent quality work to survive.  Long term survival usually means long term good work.  This is especially true for craftsmen.  Like stucco and plaster contractors.

Stucco contractors Dallas. Where to find quality craftsmanship.

Stucco contractors Dallas. Where to find quality craftsmanship. 150 150 Parks Plaster & Stucco

inspection-servicesStucco contractors Dallas.  If you are looking for high quality workmanship use Parks Plaster and Stucco.  They have more than 40 years of experience.  They are very skilled.  They provide excellent training and supervision to their employees.  Because they are passing down a tradition.  A tradition that has endured for thousands of years.  It is hard to find workers with such a high skill level.  Parks Plaster and Stucco will amaze you.

Stucco Contractors Dallas.  What is Stucco?

Stucco has been used to protect buildings.  It has been used in the distant past.  You can find stucco on ancient buildings.  You can also find stucco on modern buildings.  It is very popular for Traditional Southwestern homes.  It is  a great choice for commercial businesses.  It is very durable.  More durable than paint, wood or painted cement.  Stucco is made from an aggregate, a binder and water.  When stucco dries it is very strong.  It is stronger than you would think.  Stucco can be made with color.  The color is bound in the stucco.  It will not peel.  It will not flake.  It can be a lot more economical than other types of siding.  Quality in Stucco Contractors Dallas is very important.  The stucco must be made properly.  It must be applied correctly too.  If stucco is made carelessly it will not stick very well.  It is best to hire an experienced team for your stucco work.  A strong stucco contractor with knowledge and expertise can protect you.  Parks Plaster and Stucco will protect your investment.

If you are getting a stucco exterior consider a stucco interior as well.  Stucco is great for fireplaces and mantles.

There is much to be said for skilled craftsmen.  Choose high quality stucco contractors Dallas.  You will be supporting a tradition.  A tradition that has been passed from master to apprentice for generations.

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